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Keeping Your Business Warm When Winter Hits

Stay Warm and Cozy with Heat

Heat is indispensable to human life. You can live uncomfortably hot, but if you get too cold for too long, death can be just around the corner. This is because your body cannot function at cold temperatures. Besides, most people don't like to be cold and is one major reason why many people stay home more during the winter. When you do sally forth into the wintry world, you want to be warm while doing so and warm when you arrive.

Atlantis Comfort Systems specializes in keeping your customers warm when the cold winds start to blow. We offer commercial furnace installation services to combat the cold and keep it outside where it belongs. Call our HVAC company for all of your commercial heating and cooling needs today!

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  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Provides heat with energy efficiency

  • Heats up your space quickly

  • Reliable

  • Quiet

  • Affordable

  • Safe

  • Provides you with a comfortable environment

  • Attracts more customers

  • Makes customers happier

  • And more!

There is something inherently comforting about heat, whether that's because your body instinctively knows that it needs to be warm to survive, or because heat just feels good to our skin. When the cold weather hits, most of us head indoors to our warm environments, especially if you've just spent a good deal of time engaging in an outdoor sport, such as skiing, for the past few hours.

Our bodies don't have to dip much below the average body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to contract hypothermia, which happens when your body's core temperature falls to 95 degrees or lower. When your body temperature drops, your organs can't function properly, including your heart and brain. This can lead to organ failure and eventually death.

Atlantis Comfort Systems is in the comfort business. We've been serving the residents of Rhode Island with the best furnace installation services since 2009. Our mission is to ensure your comfort levels inside your home or office space so you can be comfortable, productive, and lead life to the fullest. We definitely don't want anyone catching hypothermia on our watch. Below, we'll take a brief look at some of the benefits of commercial furnace installation services. Call our Rhode Island HVAC company to get started today!


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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Most of us have experienced a "stuffy" room. This is usually a sign of stale air, or air that has not been circulated. When you run your commercial furnace, the air is filtered through a system that removes harmful pollutants and contaminants and then re-deposits the conditioned air back into the furnace to be distributed to your commercial space. A lot of newer furnaces are also equipped with a humidification system that will help remove contaminants as well and put moisture back into the air, which is crucial in the dry, winter months for your health. Your commercial furnace will be more efficient, save you money, and prevent expensive repairs down the road.

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Provides Heat with Energy Efficiency

Naturally, the job of all furnace systems is to heat up your indoor environment to a comfortable temperature where you can do the things you need and want to do. For a business, your commercial furnace needs to be able to provide a warm environment for your customers to transact business in, whether you own a restaurant or a shipping company. Furnaces that run off natural gas are incredibly cheap sources of heat that with advanced technology run extremely efficiently. This is important as a small business in Rhode Island since odds are you need to heat a large space as efficiently as possible to save on costs.



Commercial furnace installation services in Rhode Island are extremely reliable. New furnaces are built to last, and even though commercial furnaces work much harder than residential furnaces because of the amount of space they have to heat up, they are designed to last a long time. With the proper maintenance services, your commercial furnace should be reliable for years to come.



Furnaces are one of the safest ways to heat your Rhode Island business. They cause the least amount of fires, especially when you think about fireplaces, stoves in commercial kitchens, and space heaters in bathrooms. Most modern furnaces have safety switches to shut off automatically if carbon monoxide is detected. Atlantis Comfort Systems recommends all of our commercial furnace installation customers to install a carbon monoxide detector as a back up.



Furnaces, especially those that are powered by natural gas, are an extremely affordable way for commercial businesses to heat their spaces. Commercial furnaces last a long time, making commercial furnace replacement and repair necessities uncommon. There won't be oil replacements to worry about like with an oil furnace, and overall, you won't have to spend too much time worrying about your furnace, freeing up more time to concentrate on growing your business.


Makes Customers Happy

If your commercial business in Rhode Island becomes known for being cold indoors, word will get around, and no one will visit. If your business is known for having a comfortable, warm, and cozy environment, odds are, customers will flock to your doors. Being warm makes not only your customers happy, but also your employees, who will then deliver a superior service to your customers, making everyone happy — including you as you watch your revenue increase.



Atlantis Comfort Systems began in 2009 with the simple mission of doing things better. We believe in offering the best HVAC services, including residential, multi-family, and commercial furnace installation and AC services, to our customers in Rhode Island. With passion and dedication, our HVAC specialists will answer your call for heating and cooling repairs and maintenance and not leave until the job is finished. Our high-quality work and exceptional customer service speaks for itself.

Keeping your air conditioned and flowing smoothly is our mission. This is why we only invest in the highest-quality, energy-efficient HVAC systems that offer Energy Star ratings and help to keep money in your pocket. When you partner with us for your commercial furnace installation and other commercial HVAC needs, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of.

If you are interested in any of our AC or heating services, visit our specials page on our website, where we currently list the deals we are running, and then call us to find out more about how we can help your business grow and succeed with commercial HVAC services. Call today!

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