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Commercial buildings demand a lot from their HVAC systems due to their sheer size — which results in a large cost as any business owner can tell you. Thus, any way to reduce energy consumption results in not only a reduced carbon footprint on the world, but also reduces costs, creating big savings for your business's bottom line.

Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island is an expert in all things commercial heating and cooling-related. We offer commercial HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs, as well as...

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There have been thousands, perhaps millions, of inventions since the dawn of humanity. Almost all of these inventions have been built upon in order to give us the world we see now. Our lives have become infinitely easier, and not just in the last 100 years. If you think about how the average person lived at the turn of the millennium (30 AD) versus today, it's truly mind boggling to think about.

One of the coolest inventions (pun intended) has been the air conditioning unit. Taking air and lowering its temperature is ingenious and, quite simply, is not all that complicated using the...

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Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there is no doubt that paying to heat or cool your home or office space is a big expense. In fact, according to, the average American family spends around $2,060 every year on utilities. For businesses, the average in the United States per square foot of commercial property for utility bills per year is $2.10. That's a lot of money and can be a significant part of a...

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Heating bills can easily be a big expense and take a bite out of your budget, especially if it's an unexpectedly cold winter. And while we all want a nice, cozy home or office space, we don't necessarily want to pay extra money to have one if we don't need to. Luckily, there are many things you can do to save on your heating bill.

Atlantis Comfort Systems offers amazing residential and commercial heating and cooling systems in the great state of Rhode Island. We've been helping homeowners and business owners since 2009...

Benefits of Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems atlantis comfort systems

Most of us want to do our part to save the planet so that our children, grandchildren, and countless generations after us can enjoy the same beauty that we do today, from the Amazon rain forests to the plains of Africa and the wild flowers of the Rocky Mountains. By saving energy wherever we can, we reduce our use of fossil fuels, help save source materials, and keep products related to fossil fuel production out of our landfills. In essence, being cognizant of our use of fossil fuels, we can all collectively make a real impact on our planet.



When searching for "heating and cooling systems," you probably had a dozen or more show up in Google. However, you've been hearing a lot about ductless HVAC systems and are curious to learn more. Can they work for your space?

Atlantis Comfort Systems offers the best heating and cooling systems in Rhode Island. Our expert HVAC technicians are passionate about helping area homeowners and business owners find the perfect air conditioner or furnace for their home or office. In our previous blog post, we took a look at the advantages a...

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Ductless HVAC systems have gotten many people talking. With the push towards more energy-efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint on the environment, the desire to heat and cool only the areas of your home or office that need it is taking center stage. You may even have been thinking about how to save energy in your home or office as well. So, what exactly is ductless HVAC systems? How do they work? And are they worth the investment?

Atlantis Comfort Systems offers the best commercial and residential heating and cooling systems in...

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Summer is on the down and out as the days are getting shorter and school is right around the corner. Soon, fall will be here, and it's important to prepare your furnace for the fall weather that will quickly turn into winter. The last thing you want is to turn on your furnace on the first cold day of the year and it doesn't work.

Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island offers the best furnace repair services, furnace installation, and furnace replacement. Our top-notch HVAC specialists can come to your home,...

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It's no secret that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services are one of the most costly expenses for a commercial business. In fact, just cooling your space takes up 15% of the electricity used in a commercial building, with 30% of that energy lost to waste in your commercial space. By simply reducing your HVAC costs, you can not only save money, but you'll also reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable as a...

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Installing a residential air conditioning system is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, with all the electrical wiring, as well as all of the components involved in an AC unit, you could say that a home AC installation service can be quite complicated, especially if you don't know what you are doing.

Atlantis Comfort Systems has been helping homeowners in Rhode Island with residential AC installation services since 2009. Our company has thrived due to our exemplary customer service and our exceedingly high...

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Welcome to Atlantis Comfort Systems! Like our name says, Atlantis Comfort Systems is all about comfort. Our mission is to bring you the best residential and commercial heating and cooling systems in Rhode Island. We've been in business for over 10 years, but our team boasts over 30 years in the industry. We've quickly made a name for ourselves by offering superior customer service, the best energy-efficient HVAC systems, and affordable prices. We care about our customers and ensure they are given the best we have to offer. Below, we'll go over...

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HVAC is the acronym used to refer to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of your internal environment, be it residential or commercial. Believe it or not, HVAC has only been around for about 100 years since the invention of air conditioning in the early 20th century and home heating a few years before that. HVAC today is integral to the comfort of people, and it saves lives by preventing heat stroke, especially in the elderly population.

Commercial HVAC systems are made to provide the comfort of large buildings. As such, with proper maintenance,...