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Rhode Island is a beautiful state that has four distinct seasons, from the dog-days of summer where paddleboarding beckons to the shorter days of winter where the fireplace is the place to be. During these seasons, we can see our fair share of extreme temperatures.

Atlantis Comfort Systems is a residential HVAC contractor who offers the best residential HVAC Services in Rhode Island. Whether you need a new AC unit installed or your furnace goes out, we can help. Our team of highly-trained professional technicians can have your furnace and AC unit up and running in no time. We offer HVAC inspections, tune-ups, and a preventative maintenance plan so you can ensure you won't be without heating or cooling when you need it. Call us today to schedule!

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Residential HVAC Services We Offer In Rhode Island

  • Air conditioning installation

  • Air conditioning repair

  • Air conditioning maintenance

  • Heating installation

  • Furnace repair

  • Furnace maintenance

  • Preventative HVAC plans

  • Heating and Air Tune-ups

  • Heating and Air Inspections

We Americans are spoiled. We like our comforts, from our cell phones and selfies to a warm meal at night and a comfortable bed to rest. Most of us want to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter — and we can get quite irritable if something breaks.

Atlantis Comfort Systems was founded in 2009 in Rhode Island with the express purpose of bringing comfort to your home. Our residential heating and air conditioning services ensure that your HVAC system is working properly all year long. All of our HVAC technicians go through extensive training so that they can diagnose and quickly repair your residential heating and air.

We always choose HVAC repair over replacement, as most of the time, your HVAC system just needs a little sprucing up. When you invest in our preventative HVAC maintenance program, you can be assured that your HVAC system won't go down at the most inopportune time like on Thanksgiving Day. Below, we'll go over our residential services more in-depth, and if you suspect your furnace or air conditioning unit may need a tune-up, give us a call today to schedule!

Residential HVAC Services Atlantis Comfort System Offers

Residential AC Icon.png

Residential Air Conditioning Installation

When compared to some parts of the country, the summers in Rhode Island are short and mild. However, in the warmest months, it can get uncomfortably hot, necessitating the use of air conditioning. In addition, Rhode Island is humid, or muggy as it is often described, in the summer, which can make leaving your nice air conditioned home a bear. Below are some of the many benefits of residential air conditioning installation:

  • A more secure home. When you have your air conditioning on during the summer, you will have all of your windows and doors shut in order to keep the air in. This makes it much harder for a burglar to target your home than if you just had screens. Having your home closed off also keeps bugs and insects out.

  • A more pleasant environment. When you don't have air conditioning, your home can get hot and muggy quickly. Let's face it, no one likes sweating when you are just sitting around the house. You are also more likely to be active and engage in at-home workouts after work. If you want comfort, Atlantis Comfort Systems can install residential cooling quickly.

  • Better sleep. It can be quite hard to sleep at night when it's hot outside. Experts agree that the perfect bedroom temperature to sleep at night is between 60 and 67 degrees. Your body's temperature naturally dips slightly when it's time for bed as a signal to go to sleep. In the summer, the only way to achieve those temperatures is with a residential air conditioning installation.

  • Better health. When your body gets too hot, it can affect your health. For instance, heat stroke occurs when your body's temperature rises to 104 degrees. Being too hot also makes you lethargic and prone to sleep more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that air conditioning is the best way to fend off heat-related illness. It also fends off dehydration since you will sweat a lot less in an air conditioned home.

  • Better air quality. When you invest in residential air conditioning installation from Atlantis Comfort Systems, your Rhode Island Home will be less humid and will contain less allergens, such as pollen, mold, pet dander, and more that can cause an asthma attack or exacerbate symptoms. Everyone will breathe easier when there are less pollutants in the air.

  • Protects your furniture. Heat and humidity are not wood's best friends. In fact, wood will absorb moisture around it and then lose it during the winter when your home becomes drier. This constant expansion and contraction can warp your wood over time. Carpeting can become a breeding ground for mold if it absorbs and holds too much moisture, and any leather furniture you may have can change color because leather absorbs moisture as well.

Image 01.jpg

Residential air conditioning installation just makes sense when you consider all of the added benefits above. Let's face it, summer is many people's favorite time of the year. It's the time where you can get outside, enjoy the many wonderful activities that are available in Rhode Island, and get together with friends and family for picnics and long walks. At night, after a long day's work or fun in the sun, you just want to retreat to a cool home where you can relax and wind down. An air conditioned home is a place you will look forward to going once the height of summer hits. Call Atlantis Comfort Systems for your residential air conditioning installation today.

Residentail AC Repair.png

Residential Air Conditioning Repair

When your home's air conditioning is not working when you need it, odds are no one is happy at home. The air temperature in your home can rise quickly, and with no means of escape, it can stay there for a while, making it hard to get cool. Residential air conditioning repair by Atlantis Comfort Systems can help fix your air conditioner when it decides to be uncooperative. Below are some of the signs to be aware of when your air conditioner may need a tune up:

  • Blowing warm air. If your air conditioner is blowing out warm air, this is a sign that the coolant component of your AC unit may need attention.
  • Running constantly. Your air conditioner should kick on and off when needed, which, during the hottest days of the year, can be quite frequently. However, your AC unit should not be running constantly. This is a sign that it is operating inefficiently and that there could be a deeper underlying issue involved.
  • Humid indoors. One of the benefits of air conditioning mentioned above is that it cuts the humidity in your home. If you still feel like you are living in a swamp, you'll need to give Atlantis Comfort Systems a call for residential air conditioning repair right away.
  • Standing water around your AC unit. Air conditioning coolant can produce moisture as it cools your home. However, moisture and/or water should not be present in your home. Leaking coolant is a serious problem that can cause severe damage to your air conditioning unit. Call us right away if you suspect a leak.
  • Unpleasant smells. Unpleasant smells from your ac unit are usually the result of built up allergens in your system. Usually, your ac unit just needs a quick tune up to clean it out from dust and pathogens.
  • Loud noises. Air conditioners, while not complicated pieces of machinery, are made up of many parts that, over time, can become loose and go missing. When this happens in your Rhode Island home, you'll definitely need to call Atlantis Comfort Systems for residential air conditioning repair to fix the problem before it turns into something major.

For most residential air conditioning repairs, the problems are not serious and usually require a quick visit from your local air conditioning company. The expert technicians at Atlantis Comfort Systems will have your Rhode Island home cool in a jiffy. For a long-term solution, you can invest in a regular preventative maintenance program or a tune up that will prevent many of these little problems from occurring.

Maintenance AC Icon.png

Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

As mentioned above, residential air conditioning maintenance will help prevent many little problems that can occur with your residential air conditioning system from happening in the first place, saving you time, money, and hassle. Below are some more of the many benefits of residential air conditioning maintenance:

  • Extends the life of your air conditioning system. Like all pieces of machinery, AC units will wear down, resulting eventually in an AC system replacement. However, modern residential air conditioners will last a long time with proper maintenance. Many people just turn on their air conditioning unit in the summer when they need it with no thoughts about it. They do this year after year until it doesn't work. This will shorten the life of your AC system.

  • Increases energy efficiency. We are all trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the world by investing in recycling programs, riding our bikes to work more, and the like. By investing in residential air conditioning maintenance, you will help your AC system run efficiently year after year, which will not only reduce your carbon footprint because it will require less energy (supplied by an oil product) to run, but it will also save you money on your cooling bill when your AC system is not working as hard to keep you cool.

  • Improves the air quality. Regular residential air conditioning maintenance from your local air conditioning company such as Atlantis Comfort Systems will keep the air that is circulating in your home clean and fresh. If you have built up allergens in your home's AC unit and ductwork, these allergens will just be blown around your home for you to breathe in.

Image 05.jpg

Maintaining any piece of machinery you own will extend its life, save you money in the long run, and improve your quality of life. Call your local HVAC contractor, Atlantis Comfort Systems, today to schedule your residential air conditioning maintenance.

Furnace Installation.png

Residential Heating Installation

Almost all of us have a heating system installed in our home of some type, most likely a furnace unit. However, if your furnace or other system is getting up there in years, it may be time for an upgrade and/or a replacement of your heating system. Below are some signs you may need a residential heating installation:

  • Age. On average, a residential furnace will last between 15 and 20 years before they wear out and need to be replaced. If you've lived in your home for that long or you moved in and your furnace is that old, it's time to call Atlantic Comfort Systems for a heating inspection. When furnaces near the end of their lives, they just stop working altogether, which is something you don't want to happen in the dead of winter. A professional furnace technician will be able to diagnose the lifespan of your furnace for you and recommend a residential furnace replacement if need be.

  • Rise in energy costs. A steady rise in your heating bill is a sign that your furnace may be giving out as it now has to work harder to maintain the temperature in your home. Your furnace also may be running more frequently as well to heat your home. These activities will be noticeable in your heating bill.

  • Unpleasant sounds. Furnaces can develop buzzes, rattles, banging, and hums if its structural integrity has been compromised, such as the development of cracks and leaks. A professional residential heating technician from Atlantic Comfort Systems can diagnose the problem quickly and determine if you are in need of residential heating installation or replacement.

  • Frequent residential furnace repairs. The professional heating technicians at Atlantic Comfort Systems love to interact with our customers and get their furnace back on the right track. It's one of the best parts of our job. However, if we are seeing you more frequently than not, it's probably best to reevaluate your furnace and see if it needs to be replaced.

  • Visible signs of wear. Furnaces can develop rust or cracks that are best fixed by a residential furnace replacement.

Atlantis Comfort Systems is all about comfort. If you are uncomfortable during the winter in your Rhode Island home for any reason, whether you notice that some rooms are colder than others or your home has a higher humidity level than you'd like, give us a call. While a residential heater installation service can be a big expense, over the lifetime of the heater, you will save money in a more efficient system and one that won't need frequent repairs. Give us a call today.

Furnace Repair Icon.png

Residential Furnace Repair

If your furnace still has life in it, yet you feel as if something is not quite right, Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island offers residential furnace repair. Like all systems, sometimes all that is needed is a little tweak to get your furnace back to optimal efficiency. Below are signs to look out for that you may need a residential furnace repair:

  • Heated air feels lukewarm. When the furnace in your home kicks on, you usually know immediately. Warm air fills your home and soon, you are nice and warm and toasty. However, if you are noticing that when your heater comes on and the air that is blowing is only mildly warm and it is taking a lot longer to heat your home, it's time for a furnace inspection from Atlantis Comfort Systems. Oftentimes, the burners could be clogged, there is a ductwork problem, the fan is out, or your furnace is just not getting the fuel it needs to run smoothly.

  • Discolored pilot light. Normally, the pilot light on your furnace should be blue. If the light changes color to yellow, you may have a ventilation problem on your hands. This could also indicate that gases such as carbon monoxide are not being dissipated like they should. Call for residential furnace repair as soon as possible if you notice this sign.

  • Electrical signs. If your breaker keeps tripping while the furnace is running or you see flickering lights as your furnace kicks on, these could be electrical wiring issues that demand immediate attention. Call your residential HVAC contractor today.

Image 02.jpg

Usually, for a residential furnace repair, you will notice problems with your airflow and the amount of heat that comes out first. This is because for the vast majority of us our furnaces reside in our basements in a dingy, dark room characterized by a single lightbulb that hangs over the heater that we never go into unless we absolutely have to (after all, big spiders could reside down there).

If you are one of those people who never thinks about your heating system except when there's a problem, then you also need to invest in Atlantis Comfort Systems' preventative heating system services and get a regular tune up. This will ensure you never have to go into that dingy room, and if we see a big, hairy spider, we'll take care of that problem, too!

Furnace Maintenance Icon.png

Residential Furnace Maintenance

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of residential furnace maintenance. So many of the calls we receive for residential furnace repair are for problems that could have been prevented if the homeowner would have had a heating maintenance service performed. Below are some of the other benefits of a regular residential furnace maintenance program for your Rhode Island home:

  • Extends the life of your residential heating system. When you take care of things, they take care of you. The fact of the matter is your furnace will wear out. The question only becomes at what point. For most people, a residential furnace replacement service can be quite expensive, so it's in their best interest to delay that as soon as possible. One way you can add years to your home's furnace is by having a professional heating technician for Atlantis Comfort Systems perform routine maintenance on an annual basis. They will make minor adjustments, lubricate any moving part, inspect and clean the condensate drains, test your heater's starting abilities, and other issues they see that need to be adjusted.

  • Increases energy efficiency. Your furnace can be compared to the human body. When you exercise on a regular basis, you get used to doing the work. As your body gets used to doing the work, it can do the same amount of work with less energy. The same can be said for your heating system. When the filters and ductwork are clean, all of the nuts and bolts are tightened, the blower is working, and the condenser and evaporator at peak condition, your heating system will run more efficiently. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also save you money on your heating bill that you could be using for other things, such as having coffee with a friend.

  • Improves safety. Furnaces involve the use of and the production of heat, which uses gas. This combustion process must be properly contained and vented in order to ensure you and your family stay safe. Carbon monoxide is not something you should take lightly. Thus, with regular cleanings of the ignition, testing the heat exchanger and the safety control, and ensuring the burners are working properly, you will have peace of mind that your family is safe.

Residential furnace maintenance takes little time, but can save you big time in the long run on furnace repair costs and your heating bills. Atlantis Comfort Systems recommends that you have your heater in your Rhode Island home inspected and maintained on an annual basis, preferably before you turn your heater on for the winter months. Call us today to schedule.

Residential Preventative HVAC Plans

Preventative HVAC Plans.png

On the surface, residential preventative HVAC plans look quite similar to residential HVAC maintenance. However, there is a big difference and that is in the regularity. Atlantis Comfort Systems has been in business since 2009, serving Rhode Island with the best HVAC services. From our many years of experience, we know that the strategy of "don't fix it until it's broke" just does not work. It ends up costing more in the long run, and it will cause a lot of added stress that you just don't need right now.

Residential preventative HVAC plans are designed to ensure that you won't have anything to fix because nothing will break down. By having scheduled regular maintenance for both your heating and cooling systems by a residential HVAC contractor, you can rest assured that everything is in working order and any minor issue will be caught and fixed before it even becomes an issue.

Our residential preventative HVAC plans entail a regularly scheduled maintenance in the fall for your heating system and in the spring for your air conditioning system. This will allow us to ensure everything is working properly before you need it, and if something does require an HVAC repair, we can get the parts needed and installed before you need your system. Some items that we do as part of our residential preventative HVAC plan include:

Image 04.jpg
  • Change your filters

  • Test operational and safety controls

  • Tighten and change belts

  • Clean condenser coils

  • Clean condensate pans and drains

  • Lubricate motor bearings

  • Check compressor oil levels

  • Check refrigerant levels

  • Check for any leaks

  • Test condensate pumps

  • Clean the burner assembly

  • Test the igniter

  • And more

With thorough HVAC inspections, Atlantis Comfort Systems can ensure your HVAC system is in good health. Call today to learn more.

Residential Heating and Air Tune-ups

Tune Ups Icon.png

A residential heating and air tune-up is where a professional HVAC technician will come to your home and perform three major things for your HVAC system: inspection, cleaning, and service. Most often, you will only have one system checked at a time, frequently right before the appropriate season hits. This ensures that your heating or cooling system is ready for the upcoming season.

Residential heating and air tune-ups are different from residential preventative HVAC plans in that these are often only one-time services by our customers who just want the one service infrequently. While Atlantis Comfort Systems encourages all of our customers in Rhode Island to invest in our residential preventative HVAC plan, many prefer to just schedule as they go, which works as well. Below is what you can expect when you call us for a residential heating or air tune-up:

  • A thorough inspection. A residential heating or cooling inspection involves the professional HVAC technician examining your system for signs of wear and tear. For instance, for your air conditioner, they will check the drain pan for refrigerant levels. For your furnace, they will inspect the compressor, the motor, the starter, and more for function and signs of damage.

  • A cleaning. A residential heating or cooling cleaning goes beyond changing the filters. All surfaces will be wiped, removing dust and build-up from your system. Your coils and blower will be cleaned, your ductwork will be vacuumed out, and all other components will soon look as good as new.

Residential heating and air tune-ups help to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer with no unexpected or costly breakdowns. Call your local residential HVAC contractor, Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island, to get scheduled today.

A service. If your residential heating or cooling system needs repaired, we correct the problem on the spot. For instance, if a part is looking worn out, we replace it. We fill any low refrigerant levels. We may swap out fan blades or capacitors that are looking worn. We'll check your thermostat as well for proper functionality.

Residential Heating and Air Inspections


A residential heating and air inspection entails more than looking at the outside of your AC unit or furnace and giving them a thumbs up. In fact, HVAC inspections can take a lot longer than you would expect.

An HVAC inspection involves a professionally trained and licensed HVAC technician who is looking for the subtle nuances, as well as the major red flags, that others might miss. They are looking at everything to ensure your HVAC system operates effectively, efficiently, and safely. If your heating or cooling system is new, it might require annual inspections in order for the warranty to stay in place. Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island wants to remind you that a residential HVAC inspection only covers the diagnostic process. It does not cover the HVAC service if something is found that needs to be fixed. Below are what the residential HVAC inspector will look at:

  • Ductwork to see if it needs to be cleaned

  • Condensate drains for algae or sludge buildup

  • Testing and calibrating thermostats

  • Checking all electrical components and bolts

  • Checking filters

  • Determining if any part needs lubricant

  • Testing start up and shut off sequences

  • Check the blower

  • Test gas piping and pressure

  • Check refrigerant levels

  • Test safety controls

  • And more

Image 03.jpg

Your heating and cooling inspector will go over all of the results of your residential heating and air inspection, walk you through the problems, showing you where they are and what they entail, and then make a recommendation and give you an estimate for HVAC repairs if needed. You will get a good sense of the efficiency of your HVAC system and its overall health. Some signs of wear and tear can be in their beginning stages, which a residential HVAC inspection can find. This can help prepare you for if an air conditioning unit or furnace will need to be replaced in the foreseeable future. These inspections are great gauges for your use. Call Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island to schedule today!

Residential Duct Work

Ductwork Icon.png

Many people are confused by what ductwork is. If you have a central air and/or heating system, then you will have ductwork in your home. Ductwork is those long silver square boxes that you can see in an unfinished basement; however, in homes, most ductwork is concealed. They can also be round or oval shaped and be made of different materials, such as fiberglass or flexible plastics. Ductwork is essential to the transportation of air. This system is what moves the heated and cooled air throughout your home and exhausts it as needed. There are no pipes involved in ductwork.

Since residential ductwork moves air, it also then moves what is in air, namely pollutants and allergens, such as pollen, dust, mold, germs, mildew, and pet dander. These can get left behind in the transfer of air, leading to build up and problems if you allow it. Some signs of residential ductwork problems are below:

  • Poor air quality. If your ductwork has not been cleaned in a while, odds are you have a lot of buildup in your ductwork. This build up of allergens is being constantly recycled throughout your home as the heating and cooling system goes on and off. This can exacerbate allergies and lead to an overall poor air quality in your home. If you suspect you have ductwork buildup, call Atlantis Comfort Systems for service in Rhode Island today.

  • Higher heating and cooling bills. Your residential HVAC system may have to work harder if there is a buildup of allergens in your residential ductwork. The air has to move around this buildup, and if it's been a while since you've had your residential ductwork cleaned, the airflow could even be restricted. This will force your HVAC system to run longer as well, costing you more money.

  • Visible dust on surfaces, especially on registers and returns. Atlantis Comfort Systems is not talking about your average dust buildup here. We're talking about dust buildup to the point it is chunking on your returns and registers and restricting airflow into rooms. This is another symptom of dirt accumulation in your residential ductwork that should entail a quick call to us for an inspection and cleaning service. You may also notice your home in general is accumulating dust when you see more dust on all of your household surfaces.

  • Uneven heating and cooling in your home. Ideally, the air flows from your heating and cooling system to your home evenly, heating all rooms and levels the same. However, if your residential ductwork is full of dust and debris, you may notice that some rooms are colder or warmer than others due to restricted airflow. Your local residential HVAC contractor can inspect your ductwork to know for sure.

It's super important to care for all aspects of your HVAC system, not just the main components of your AC unit and your furnace. Your ductwork is integral to the comfort of your home as well and should be regularly inspected and maintained in order to ensure optimal performance, comfort, and operation of your HVAC system. Atlantis Comfort Systems in Rhode Island believes that in order to be healthy, all parts have to be taken care of.

Choose Atlantis Comfort Systems for All Your Residential Heating and Cooling Needs

Your residential HVAC system is designed to work together in unison, similar to the human body. When you take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, your life is in order, and you lead a productive, fruitful life. However, if one aspect is neglected, such as not exercising or eating right, it can affect everything else. The same goes for your HVAC system. All components work together for your comfort, and if one part fails, the whole system is impaired.

Atlantis Comfort Systems is a residential HVAC contractor who offers the best in residential heating and cooling systems, from repair, maintenance, inspections, and installations in the Rhode Island area. Our goal is to ensure you never have to stress over a broken furnace on a cold, chilly night or suffer through an uncooperative air conditioning unit through a hot, August day. Our residential HVAC services are designed to take care of your needs no matter what storm arises.

We invest heavily in the training of our heating and cooling technicians so that when you have an HVAC problem, they can quickly diagnose the problem and repair it, so you can keep living your life. Our technicians are passionate about helping you, so they spend a lot of time on inspection and maintenance services in order to ensure all of your residential HVAC problems are found and corrected without having to call for multiple services. We also offer residential retrofits when it is time for a new furnace or air conditioning system and you are looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient HVAC system. Our HVAC company is certified in test, balance, and controls in order to bring you the best service possible. Check out our Specials page where you will see our latest deals. Currently, we are running an A/C tune-up special for only $89, as well as a discount on our cooling and heating preventative maintenance plans.

Since 2009, our dedicated team has helped the residents of Rhode Island ensure that they are comfortable within their homes with residential HVAC services. We want to make sure you never have to worry about your heating and cooling system. Call us today!

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