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How Your Air Conditioner Works

There have been thousands, perhaps millions, of inventions since the dawn of humanity. Almost all of these inventions have been built upon in order to give us the world we see now. Our lives have become infinitely easier, and not just in the last 100 years. If you think about how the average person lived at the turn of the millennium (30 AD) versus today, it's truly mind boggling to think about.

One of the coolest inventions (pun intended) has been the air conditioning unit. Taking air and lowering its temperature is ingenious and, quite simply, is not all that complicated using the inventions of the past and putting them altogether in an AC unit. Air conditioning can be credited with saving the lives of many by preventing heat stroke, and it has made our lifestyles more enjoyable and more productive.

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Developed in 1902, air conditioning relies on physics to cool your air. You see, your AC unit is constantly converting air from a liquid to a gas and back again, which allows the air to be cooled to the desired temperature. It uses a physical law known as phase conversion. When a liquid is converted to a gas, it absorbs heat. By using refrigerants, which are chemical compounds to evaporate and then condense (move from a liquid to a gas and back again) repeatedly, the temperature of the air is cooled. The fans in your air conditioning unit move warm air over the cool coils so that this process has a continual supply of air that needs to be treated.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

When hot air flows over evaporator coils, the chemicals inside the refrigerant absorb the heat as the air is changed from a liquid to a gas. The compressor in your AC unit then takes the gas, compresses it, so that it is changed back to a liquid. This is to ensure the cooling process takes place. This condensing then takes the heat from the air and dispenses it outside with the help of more condenser coils and a fan. The air is now a liquid again, and the process repeats itself. Thus, in sum, you have liquid refrigerant that is converted to a gas and absorbs heat, and then that heat is compressed out and released outdoors. Indoor air is being chilled, gas is being compressed and then re-cooled as it becomes a liquid again. And all of this is simply using the physical states of matter to make our lives more comfortable.


Whether you are running a commercial or a residential air conditioning system, the process is the same, just on a bigger scale. Having air conditioning has become almost a necessity in today's world, and if you're a business, it's expected that you have AC by your customers, especially if you are a business where people linger, such as a movie theater or a restaurant. Thus, having an exceptional heating and cooling company by your side is a lifesaver when your air conditioning goes out.

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